Encaustic Reclaimed Tiles

Almeria Tile

A bright and bold traditional design is featured on this reclaimed tile. The classic pattern adds a touch of character and history to any space in which is it laid.


Bandera Churianna

A bold geometric design which features deep maroon and cream sections which contrast with the grey. The straight edges of this particular tile create an illusion of space once laid.


Blue Alexis

A show-stopping geometric design that has a contemporary look with a traditional twist. These tiles are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors. They can be used inside and outdoor.


Border Tapas


Burgos Tile


Criado Tile

A traditional Tudor design with light colourways to create an illusion of space.


Cruzar Tile

An eye-catching Aztec design that is bold and head-turning when laid, these tiles add character and history into any space.


Elda Tile

Reclaimed from a house in Seville, this Spanish tile design features a traditional crest and delicate edges.


Elvora Tile

A classic Spanish tile design that contains a simplistic marble effect pattern.


Encaustic Cozar Tiles

Very popular tiles for classic entrance halls and dining areas available in a good amount.



Grado Tile

Pattern and texture are combined within this reclaimed Grado tile, perfect for your outdoor space.


The Reclaimed Tile Company is the largest supplier of antique encaustic tiles in the UK. With a wide selection of highly colourful and decorative Spanish, Italian and French tiles, they're perfect for everything from kitchen and bathroom splashbacks to fireplaces and truly unique floors.

Browse our up-to-date online selection of reclaimed tiles above to see the quantities available. Up to 200 years old, these patterned tiles are timeless in their design and guaranteed to deliver a real splash of Mediterranean warmth. If you are unsure and would like 100% security and peace of mind, ask for a sample to be sent or drop by our Yorkshire yard and see them up close.