French Tiles

Antique French Mosaic

Beautiful examples of 18th century hand-painted mosaics accured from a chateau in Toulouse.


Blue Painted Terracotta

Save 50% on this beautiful authentic reclaimed terracotta.


Buff Quarry Tiles

These tiles come in two different colours, one is a victorian terracotta colour, the other a creamy yellow which can be used together or on their own.


Hand Clamped Bricks

Reclaimed from a mill in the city of Bradford, 8000 available


Large Reclaimed Hexagonal Terracotta

1 week delivery lead time.


Our selection of antique French tiles consists of mainly encaustic or terracotta. The encaustic French floor tiles (also known as inlaid and which date back to the 19th and 20th century) can also be used on walls as decorative protection in the form of splashbacks, as well as for kitchen worktops and in halls. It’s also important to note that the wonderfully aged terracotta from France is ideal for under-floor heating.

We’ve travelled across the country to source our collection of antique tiles from France – taking us from grand apartment buildings in the north right the way through to chateaux in the east and old barns in the far south, so that we can offer you some true gems for your home.

A short history of French tiles

The word ‘tile’ comes from the French ‘tuile’ (which in turn comes from the Latin ‘tegula’). In much the same way as the highly decorative Spanish and Italian variants, some of the traditions were in part derived from Islamic tile making techniques, with Faience being a derivative of the Italian Faenza, which in turn evolved from a Hispano-Moorish technique imported from Mallorca, known as mayolica.

The biggest leap forward in tile making in France came with the introduction of ‘carreaux de ciment’ – cement tiles very similar to encaustic and hydraulic tiles. These first made an appearance in the south of the country in the early 1800s, and by the late 19th century they were being extensively used in domestic and commercial properties.


How to use them?

Our French tile collection includes some of our more unusual discoveries, running the full gamut of designs and styles. On the one hand, we’ve sourced striking hexagonal floor tiles and full carpets of cement tiles ideal for porches or hallways, with wonderfully elaborate tessellated patterns endlessly intertwining and interlocking making for the most dramatic entrance to your home. By contrast, simpler geometric patterned floor tiles can bring form and colour to your bathroom to wonderfully rustic effect, while simple chequered floor tiles in monochrome, or red and green hues can have your kitchen looking like a boulangerie in Bayonne or an apothecary in Avignon in no time at all.

And if you can’t make your mind up? Mix and match with a patchwork of Spanish and Italian tiles. As with all our antique tiles, much of their beauty lies in their perfect imperfection. A little bit of history in your home.