Italian Tiles

Italian Marble 25x25

Sizes vary slightly


Italian Marble 27 x 27

These Italian marble tiles are awaiting professional photography.


Italian Marble 31x31

Sizes vary slightly


Italian Marble 38x38

Sizes vary slightly


Our Italian tiles are not only beautiful in design but often boast highly decorative borders. Strong colours are present in our collection of encaustic tiles which are highly patterned with bold designs.

Of course, the country is famous for producing fabulous Italian marble, and we have a selection of antique, high-quality marble sourced from Tuscan villas and townhouses in Milan, too.

All our tiles have been hand-picked, and salvaged, by us – and all come with their own stories, whether they’ve lain for years on the floor of a merchant’s house in Ferrara, a hotel near Milan or a tumbledown townhouse in Umbria.

A short history of Italian tiles

Known as ‘piastrella’ in Italian (as well as ‘mattonella’ and ‘pianella’), as with French and Spanish tiles (and so much of the rest of the Mediterranean), Italy’s tile design and production owes a lot to the Arab world: they were making clay tiles in Babylon as far back as the 9th century BC, while Syria and Persia, by the early Middle Ages, had advanced tile manufacturing cultures.

By the 13th century the Moorish occupation of Spain had extended to Sicily, from where their pottery and tile production techniques – called maiolica (or mayolica) – spread out through the rest of the country.

By the 16th century, Hispano-Moorish techniques were being used (and improved upon) in tile manufacturing centres like Gubbio, Urbino and Pesaro. Churches, monasteries and rich private houses soon came to be extensively decorated with them. By the 19th century (as was the case in Spain) industrialisation had set in, and much of the output was dedicated to geometric patterned floor tiles.

How to use them?

We know that it’s the little details that make your interiors come to life. And whether it’s brightening up a splashback or worktop in your kitchen, turning a workaday shower into a vibrant wet room or bringing colour and life to your floors, our Italian tiles can lift even the most mundane of spaces. Some of the floor tiles we’ve sourced from Italy are amongst our most decorative, featuring striking geometric patterns mixing red, yellow, blue and white that make for the most beautiful (and flamboyant) bathroom floors imaginable.

On the other hand, many of our vintage tiles from Italy have a slightly retro feel with a simple square, hexagonal or triangular mosaic-like effect in whites, greys and blacks that lends itself to something more sleek and minimal.

They also work beautifully mixed and matched in a patchwork style for kitchen or bathroom backsplashes using a random assortment of decorative tiles from Spain and France, too. Whatever you choose to do with them, though, one thing’s for certain: they are just lovely things. A little bit of history in your home.